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Loretta (Lori) Jeremiah

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Loretta (Lori) Jeremiah
Rhode Island Artist
Pastel and Watercolor

Newest Exhibit:
Fading Landscapes: The Fragility of Coastal Beauty
Featuring pastels and watercolors of the salt marshes and seascapes of coastal Rhode Island
open to the public
October 13, 2018 10am-4pm
URI Coastal Institute Building
215 South Ferry Road
Narragansett, RI

Rocky shores, crashing waves, waterfalls, sunlit paths and beautiful faces...the possibilities for artistic inspiration in nature are endless. Striving to paint the surrounding beauty is never ending and always challenging. The sparkle of light, the lively shadows, the quiet mood all last but a moment in time but can last indefinitely in a painting.
I strive to capture those fleeting moments, often brief and unexpected, in my paintings. Pastel and watercolor are the mediums that I use to convey this personal vision. I hope that my paintings are like a glance that beckons you to stop and linger for a moment.

Please visit Studio 460 Gallery, 460 Tower Hill Road, Wickford, RI to see many of my pastels and watercolors. (click on page 2 to view photo of beautiful Studio 460 Gallery) phone : 401-640-9435
In addition, my artwork is in an on-going exhibit at Edward Jones, 231 Old Tower Hill Road in Wakefield, RI, Suite 204. phone 401-782-3782